Rules and Regs

General information regarding race requirements:
1. No drugs allowed. No drinking or alcohol by drivers before completion of all races.
2. Both the owner and driver(s) of all boats who compete in a race shall execute registration and release forms prior to the boat being allowed to race.
3. Boats must pass a prior technical safety inspection.
4. All drivers MUST attend the mandatory meeting prior to the race.
5. The drag race course will be 1320 feet (1/4 mile).
6. No prizes will be awarded and there will be no spectator fees charged.
7. Black Flag rules will be strictly enforced, explained at the mandatory drivers meeting

General Safety Information:
1. An ambulance, certified divers and crowd control will be on site during races.
2. Kill switches are mandatory in all classes.
3. Racers in all classes must have helmets, life jackets and eye protection.
4. All boats must have a fire extinguisher on board.
5. All equipment such as, but not limited to, fuel tanks, batteries, paddles, etc., shall be firmly secured. All loose gear on board must be removed.
6. It will be at the discretion of the city and or UMPBA to cancel the race due to weather conditions.
7. UMPBA will acquire a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.
8. New drivers for Lake Racer 4 and Unlimited must make 2 qualifying passes in front of an UMPBA board member to prove competency.