July 28th 2012 Menomonie WI Race Results

Listed below are the race results from the July 28th 2012 Menomonie, WI races.


Lake racer class 65mph and under
First place: Travis Weiland
Second place: Tim Gomez

Lake racer 1 – up to 75mph
First place: Geoff Erickson
Second Place: Joe Nelson
Third place: Travis Weiland

Lake racer 2 – up to 85mph
First place: Jack Devlin
Second Place: Chet Olson
Third place: Robert Meyer

Lake racer 3 – up to 95mph
First place: Chet Olson
Second place: Chuck walling
Third place: Rich Latter

Lake racer 4 – up to 105
First place: Chet Olson
Second place: Dave Hanle
Third place: Dave Giacomino

Lake racer 5 – up to 115
First place: Nick Winski
Second place: Jerry Leonard
Third place: Chet Olson